Tasting Marrakech tour options

As my love and knowledge of Marrakech expands, I’ve expanded our Tasting Marrakech tour offerings to include new neighbourhoods, new foods, and new opportunities to get to know the city I love to call home. All tours remain private and bespoke meaning I create each itinerary to our guests’ interests and requests.

Tasting Marrakech Gueliz

Combining my love of art deco architecture, contemporary Moroccan art and design, and religion with a keen interest in 1900s Moroccan history and street food, our Tasting Marrakech Gueliz food and culture tour is available morning or afternoon and takes travellers beyond the Marrakech medina and the sites typically visited in the new city and street food cafes we love to stop at for lunch. Having lead the international press relations during the Marrakech Biennale 6 and contributed to various print and online travel and lifestyle publications, I have my finger on the pulse of what’s happening in Marrakech so each tour is based on the latest additions to the Marrakech scene and what’s worth seeing.

Contact us to book your private walking tour in Marrakech.

Hidden Marrakech

Think of this as tasting-trail-meets-historical daytime tour of the Marrakech medina while hanging out with a friend in Marrakech. But the kind of friend who know where to shop, what exhibitions to see, top picks for people-watching and other secrets of the city you’ll want to know about. We go off the beaten path to take in some of our favourite sites that the guidebooks aren’t yet writing about, while pointing out some of the better known sites worth seeing post-Hidden Marrakech tour, and trying various street foods as we stumble upon them. Lunch at a locals-only hole-in-the-wall cafe is included before saying our farewells.

Find out more about this tour.

Tasting Marrakech Jemaa el Fna

Our flagship tour, Tasting Marrakech in Jemaa el Fna remains close to our hearts as we stall hop around the square tasting the best of Marrakech before snagging front-row seats to one of the best shows in town – the live performances. We’ll eat, chat, laugh, unveil the secrets of the square, and walk guests home at the end of the evening. All tours are private so guests eat only the foods they want to try!

Find out more about our tours and get in touch if you have any questions. Our team would love to share our love of Marrakech with you!

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