Stepping Back in Time at the Tin Mal Mosque

N'Fis Valley Morocco Copyright Mandy Sinclair

My grandmother once told me it’s not just about the destination, but also about the journey. And that rang so true as I headed off with a driver  to travel through the beautiful N’Fis Valley in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains en route to the Tin Mal Mosque. We passed riverbeds filled with olive trees, rugged … Continue reading

Just arrived in: Moulay Idriss Zerhoune

Volubilis from Moulay Idriss Zerhoune, Copyright Mandy Sinclair

It’s one of my favourite places in Morocco. A place where I feel safe and protected (I escaped here on two occasions when things were bad in Morocco, really bad). Coincidently, it’s also one of the holiest places in Morocco with a mausoleum dedicated to Idriss I, the man who brought Islam to Morocco and … Continue reading

How it all started: Day seven

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Another day of travelling and witnessing daily life from the outside. Another day of loving the landscapes. And the architecture built from natural soils and local materials. Another day of gaining insight in to the Berber culture at a local museum and our guide. Enjoying the fabulous Gnaoua music selection provided by our guide. I … Continue reading

Top Sites in Marrakech #2

Musee Berbere Jardin Majorelle, Supplied

After visiting the Maison de la Photographie, I highly recommend a stop at Majorelle Garden. Although entrance fee is well above other sites in Marrakech and line-ups may be off-putting, the Majorelle Garden is not to be missed.  Home to Yves Saint Laurent while he was in Marrakech, the gardens beautifully blend plants from all over the … Continue reading

Moments that money can’t buy

Sunset in Kas Turkey Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Having spent the Christmas holidays in Canada, and now the credit cards bills are arriving, I’m realizing just how much of a workout my credit card received!  (Although I did have an absolutely gorgeous Christmas with my family!) You see one thing I struggle with when I’m back in the West is the desire to … Continue reading

Andalusia: Stop #1

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

I have a confession to make.  I’m a bit of a history and architecture geek.  And so when my friend, an equal geek about that kinda stuff, said she was going to Spain, I planned a week in Andalusia together. First stop, Sevilla. After we had a proper catch up (we hadn’t seen each other … Continue reading

The cool sound of Hindi Zahra

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

It was a perfect evening.  A perfect evening for an outdoor concert. And since I’d arrived early, I also had the chance to hear Moroccan chanteuse Hindi Zahra as she did her sound check. And when it was time for her to actual show, all eyes were on her. Her musical style just the kind … Continue reading