Donna Hay Magazine recommends Tasting Marrakech

It started as a love. And a desire to share it with other travellers in a way that was comfortable and safe. I spoke with friends and confidantes. I sampled the best of Jemaa el Fna. And then I started Tasting Marrakech food and cultural tours. I selected a handful of agents and riads to work … Continue reading

The Douiria, or what’s hidden behind the doors in the Marrakech medina

View from the rooftop terrace of the Douiria Copyright Mandy Sinclair

It’s Marrakech’s latest “museum” to open.  Like most museums, the Douiria is a place for the curious.  For those who wander the alleys of the medina and wonder what may lie behind unassuming doors.  It’s a place for those who like to peer inside the lives of others without being evasive.   Unlike most riads … Continue reading

Marrakech’s arts scene is heating up

David Bloch gallery, Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Following the success of the Marrakech Biennale earlier this year, the art scene seems to be heating up. Hardly a week goes by without receiving an invitation to the vernissage of the latest exhibit opening up in Marrakech. Yet it seems to be a trend throughout the Kingdom. In Rabat, the Mohamed VI Museum of Modern … Continue reading

A weekly round-up of events in Marrakech


Just a few weeks ago I was wondering what I would do with my new-found free time once high season in Marrakech ended.  You see I work in tourism and events here in Marrakech, and when it’s event season, time to relax and chill out is minimal to non-existent. But in a city like Marrakech where the … Continue reading

Experience: The hammam

The local hammam Copyright Mandy Sinclair

The hammam.  It’s a ritual here in Morocco.  And since arriving, one that I can hardly go two weeks without. With a range of luxury, mid-range and local hammams available, there is no shortage of choice.  While I’ve not been to many luxury hammams, I credit them for the providing just that, a luxury experience. … Continue reading

Tasting Marrakech

Jemaa el Fna, Marrakech, Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Since arriving in Marrakech, I have loved sipping tea on one of the roof top terraces overlooking Jemaa el Fna square as the stallholders down below set up their food stalls for the evening, the sun sets over Koutoubia Mosque and the sound of the call to prayer plays out over the lively medina. I’ve … Continue reading

How it all started: Final stop!

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

From the second I stepped off the bus, I loved the energy and madness of Marrakech. Overstuffed taxis, scooters, donkeys, people everywhere.  I couldn’t get enough. That said, I didn’t think I would end up living here. You see I spent five days here.  I wanted to get a feel for the city and wasn’t too … Continue reading

Top Sites in Marrakech #2

Musee Berbere Jardin Majorelle, Supplied

After visiting the Maison de la Photographie, I highly recommend a stop at Majorelle Garden. Although entrance fee is well above other sites in Marrakech and line-ups may be off-putting, the Majorelle Garden is not to be missed.  Home to Yves Saint Laurent while he was in Marrakech, the gardens beautifully blend plants from all over the … Continue reading

Top sites in Marrakech #1

Maison de la Photographie Marrakech, Copyright Mandy Sinclair

I play many roles in Marrakech, and concierge happens to be one of them.  And perhaps my most favourite.  So when it comes to recommending sights to see in Marrakech, my favourite stop is always the Maison de la Photographie.  In fact, TripAdvisor recently named this privately owned museum the top museum in North Africa and … Continue reading

A rainy day in Marrakech

It rarely happens, but on occasion it rains in Marrakech. And with centuries-old infrastructure and open-air houses in the medina, it’s not always pleasant. So if by chance you are in Marrakech on a rainy day, let me suggest the following: Chill out That’s right.  Relax in your riad, apartment, house wherever you may be … Continue reading