Work with Mandy

Mandy Sinclair is a Marrakech-based PR professional and writer and owner of Say Something Communications.  With formal training in public relations and event management, Mandy has worked in the  tourism, educational, scientific, women’s rights, and corporate sectors, providing her a breadth of experience in organizing events, strategic communications plans, social media management and creative direction.

She’s written articles, developed and implemented strategies for small and medium-sized businesses, planned events both high-profile and others more intimate, worked with MTV, assisted on photo shoots, managed a collection of boutique guest houses, sourced Moroccan goodies for various designers, all while living her dream.


A clear strategy with defined goals, audiences, tactics, messages, measurements and more is how Mandy loves to work! Sit down for a consultation and full planning before developing a strategy to implement together based on individual needs.

Media relations

Having worked in crisis communications in Canada, Mandy is prepared to develop media relations strategies to build on larger strategic and social media campaigns including messaging, target audiences and content creation to help clients meet their goals. Whether a small business starting out and in need of a media and strategy or a larger company requiring on-the-ground knowledge for reactive media requests, get in touch to discuss your needs.

Writing services

From her  office in Marrakech, Mandy has written a variety of articles including city guide to Marrakech, H.O.M.E’s design guide to Marrakech, botanical research for Brownbook’s The Plants Issue and even an article on the Guedra dance for Brownbook’s Fashion Directory 2015, contributed to the riads and shopping section of TimeOut Marrakech and more!

As writing is one of her loves, her portfolio is constantly expanding.  Need a story, promotional material, or web content? Feel free to get in touch.

Social media planning

Mandy’s first social media assignment was for the Ottawa Bluesfest where she was the inaugural leader of social media at this festival, one of Canada’s largest outdoor festival and one of the most important festivals in North America.  Since then she’s continuously amazed by the power of social media and credits this medium for introducing her to some great people here in Morocco. Today she manages various social media accounts for travel and lifestyle clients with various goals.  Let’s discuss your needs (training, planning, strategy and management) and create a plan for your lifestyle and travel-related business.

Event planning

Whether planning a celebration or a honeymoon for two in Marrakech, or a corporate event, contact Mandy to plan your special event, to provide concierge services or on-the-ground expertise. There’s nothing she loves more than ensuring guests leave with the same love of Marrakech!


With a dedicated audience of readers interested in visiting Morocco, moving to Morocco, or just making a major life change, Mandy is looking to work with brands by telling their stories through words and photos to an audience with a keen interest in Morocco.  Get in touch with Mandy to discuss partnership options, sponsorship, product reviews and more.


9 Responses to “Work with Mandy”
  1. julie wood says:

    Hi I am thinking about going to live in morrocco in the future could you tell me how much it costs for a humble home small as want to live as cheep as possible thanx

    • younes says:

      hey Julie , tnx morocco is in your mind , to have a nice and a good house u talking about 60k to 150 k euro , if u dont mind living in aprtments thn its between 30k and 80 its all about the city and where u wanna live, i live in usa but i have a property in morocco , i hope i helped a little

  2. Hi Mandy, love your site. Had a chance to visit Morocco in October and am in love. I am a travel and landscape photographer and the opportunity to experience the country from behind the lens was special. I have some images from that trip on my site,, that I’d love to share with you and any one interested in learning, appreciating and celebrating Morocco’s incredible people, culture, sights, landscapes and so much more.

  3. Sabah Masood says:

    Hi Mandy

    I am a recent graduate from United Kingdom and I fell in love with Morocco, the culture, food, people and its beauty in landscapes.
    I wish to move there very soon and have already started applying for jobs in Marrakech –
    You state that you could do some partnerships? I would love to discuss this further….

  4. justin vincent says:

    Im off to Morocco Backpacking for 8wks over Xmas Time,Can”t Wait,,Heading to Chefchaouen,,Fez,,Essaouira,,Mirleft,,Sidi Ifni and Legzira and Maybe get a Desert Tour in at either Erg Chibba or Erg Chibabba,,What u Reckon??,,If u have any Pointers on these Places.x

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