Le Loft, or a wonderful place to spend an afternoon

It was time to celebrate.  The fact that we were no longer 30.  But rather in our 30s.

So the venue had to be somewhere cool.  And trendy. But not pretentious.

And that’s exactly what we found at Le Loft.  A new restaurant here in Marrakech with an absolutely fabulous terrace, trendy decor, and delicious food.

In fact, for the first time in ages, I started with a caesar salad.

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Followed by a delish steak!

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

And washed down with a Casablanca beer.  My favourite kind!

Oh, and did I mention it was a Friday afternoon and I didn’t really have much to do afterwards?

You could say life is fabulous!

xo Mandy