Invest in rest

It’s been very quiet on here, I know. But you see, I retreated to Canada this summer for nearly seven weeks. After months and months of non-stop work (and working out), pushing myself to my limits, growing Say Something Communication and taking on new challenges, I decided I needed to invest in rest. And that’s just … Continue reading

The busy myth continues

I can’t believe we are still describing ourselves as “busy”. I thought that was so 2012. Do you define yourself as busy? If so, stop it please! It’s not cool, sexy or even stylish. I used to be so busy I hardly had time to think. But then I went to Turkey and came to some self-realizations. … Continue reading

Market Day

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

When I was younger my parents used to pile us in to the car and take us off to the local farmers’ market. It was a family event that we all looked forward to. Wandering the stalls buying fresh produce. Snacking on homemade cookies. Lunch prepared freshly and enjoyed outside. It was a quality family … Continue reading