Five things to look forward to in May in Marrakech

Giacometti in Meknes Morocco, Copyright Mandy Sinclair

With Ramadan just a month away, it seems all the festivals and events are happening NOW. And I can’t say I’m complaining. With something to do basically every night whether a dance performance, a concert or a new gallery opening, we are filled with culture here in Marrakech. And to help you sort out your … Continue reading

The countdown to the Essaouira Gnaoua and World Music Festival is on!

Marionettes at the Gnaoua World Music Festival, Essaouira

Locals gathered around in the streets, on the rooftops and over gates. It was my first festival and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. But as the Gnaoua musicians began to fill the streets with rhythmic music that had us dancing in the streets, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. One Gnaoua group after another paraded … Continue reading

Festival season in Morocco is kicking off

Marionettes at the Gnaoua World Music Festival, Essaouira

Oh festival season is upon us here in Morocco and I’m busy trying to figure out how to squeeze all this cultural goodness in to my already-packed diary.  You see, if there is one thing I love it’s festivals.  And here in Morocco we have no shortage of musical and cultural programming throughout the year. … Continue reading

Gnaoua World Music Festival – Opening Day

Gnaoua World Music Festival in Essaouira

We stumbled upon the parade at just the right time.  The colourful musicians were making their way through the old medina of Essaouira as the famous sounds of Gnaoua music filled the streets. We stopped in admiration of the costumes, the talent, and even danced a little. The perfect little teaser of what’s in store! … Continue reading

Mandy on Music – Oum

One of the best things about going to Essaouira are the little music shops and the friendly shopkeepers only too excited to share their favourites musicians. And on one recent trip I was introduced to Oum.  A trilingual Moroccan singer whose sound and style range from Andalusian inspired to poppy and fun. As the music … Continue reading