Casablanca’s Journées du patrimoine 11 to 14 May 2017

Art deco Casablanca Morocco

Casablanca. It’s a city that, despite the traffic, is really starting to grow on me. You see back in November when my sister flew in from Toronto, I went to Casablanca to pick her up from the airport. I had avoided the city for five years after an unfortunate event that changed my life for a … Continue reading

How it all started: Day two

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

The downside of group tours is the defined time you have to spend in one place.  We woke up to see the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, caught a train to Rabat, spent the afternoon wandering through the sites before hopping on a train to Meknes. While beautiful, visitors can only enter the Hassan II … Continue reading

How it all started: Day one

Casablanca Morocco, Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Despite being tired after a red-eye flight from Montreal, I couldn’t wait to explore the city. I had waited 10 years to land in Morocco and I wasn’t going to waste a day sleeping. I was bursting at the seams with excitement. So I set out to explore Casablanca. And let’s just say that there … Continue reading

Marrakech International Film Festival: Horses of God / Chevaux de Dieu by Nabil Ayouch

It was the first film I saw in the 2012 competition. And it was the first time the film was shown in Morocco. A special experience as I sat in a cinema filled with locals. Filmed in the Sidi Moumin slum outside of Casablanca, Horses of God by Nabil Ayouch tells a story of children … Continue reading

Choosing the right attitude

The blue-and-white medina of Chefchaoun, Morocco

She’d been excited about her Moroccan vacation for weeks.  Planning to visit new places.  And revisit old favourites. But when an incident happened just three hours in, her spirits were saddened.  She was left feeling scared. Sad. Frustrated that she’d lost all her identification and mobile phone.   Thoughts of “if only” ran through her head.  She was rethinking … Continue reading

A lot can happen in a year

It’s been one year since I first arrived in Morocco.  Nervous.  Intimidated.  First time in Africa. First time in an Islamic country. But extremely excited. You see, I’d dreamed about travelling to Morocco since I watched Hideous Kinky in 1999.  I was finally here. So I quickly got over those feelings and fell in love with … Continue reading

The art of zellig

Meknes, Morocco

I love architecture.  Art deco is my favourite. But I also loved zellig, mosaics, that exist everywhere in Morocco.  It was behind fountains, covered floors, pillars and walls, and anywhere else you could imagine.  Each piece perfectly in place. The process We even had the pleasure of seeing a zellig come to life.  Men creating … Continue reading


So apparently I’m giving off a certain impression of Morocco through the photos that I post.  Today when I was telling a colleague about my direct flight to Casablanca he responded with, “That’s civilized.”  Obviously we laughed our head off.  And I had to share. So I should say, I travelled in a lot of … Continue reading

The need for speed

Last week my 88-year-old Grandma and I were driving down to the beach and surrounded by the beautiful fall colours along the way.  Apparently I was driving a bit too fast (imagine!) because she told me to slow down, it’s not just about the end destination but the path you take to get there. *gasp* … Continue reading