Azemmour, Morocco’s off-the-beaten path small town

Azemmour Morocco, Copyright Mandy Sinclair

“Have I just been dumped in a field?” asked this gal upon disembarking the train in Azemmour. “Yes,” I responded, “but just walk to the top of the road and you’ll find a taxi.” And so started our weekend getaway in coastal Azemmour, a town where tourism is still relatively undeveloped and street art livens … Continue reading

How I learned to love Fes Morocco

Fes region, Morocco, Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Fes. Morocco’s oldest city. Home of the first university, al-Qarrawiyyan. And known as the gastronomical capital of Morocco. But a city I cannot say I love. For reasons that I just cannot explain. You see I arrived there most recently for the Fes Festival of Sacred Music. I’d been to this imperial city few times … Continue reading

Five | Cinq | Khamsa

Dear readers, it’s been five year. Yes five years since I arrived in Marrakech. For five months. To learn French so I could go back to Canada and get a better government job. And well, it’s been the best of times. And yet, the worst.  I’ve tried to leave twice, but I also miss the inexplicable … Continue reading

My wish for 2016

Don't be mean Copyright Mandy Sinclair

As we celebrate the beginning of another year, my wish for 2016 is simple – respect. With all that’s happening in the world, I truly hope that we can respect other cultures, other ways of living, and situations other than our own. Respect when it comes to freedom of speech (there is a fine line … Continue reading