Life in Marrakech, summer lovin’ edition

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Summertime has come to an end. With cooler temperatures, the return of clients and high season just around the corner, the days of lazy morning coffees, afternoon naps and coastal escapes are over. After a busy spring with lots of travel, PR and event work, I needed a summer of relaxation. So I headed over … Continue reading

Just back from: Atlas Mountains

Atlas Mountains, Morocco, Copyright Mandy SInclair

With temperatures regularly climbing above +40’C and evening temperatures not much lower, escaping Marrakech for cooler temperatures has been a high priority since returning from Canada last month. And so when the Boutique Souk travel crew decided to head out of town for a day in the Atlas Mountains, I was on board. A stop … Continue reading

Just back from: Essaouira Morocco

Essaouira Morocco, Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Ok, so I returned a few days ago to Marrakech, but I needed to adjust from a fabulous weekend. The laid-back medina for wandering, hassle-free shopping with prices significantly lower than Marrakech, a restaurant scene that is among the best in Morocco in my opinion, cafes for whiling away the hours, and a beach perfect … Continue reading