The busy myth continues

I can’t believe we are still describing ourselves as “busy”. I thought that was so 2012. Do you define yourself as busy? If so, stop it please! It’s not cool, sexy or even stylish. I used to be so busy I hardly had time to think. But then I went to Turkey and came to some self-realizations. … Continue reading

Top sites in Marrakech #1

Maison de la Photographie Marrakech, Copyright Mandy Sinclair

I play many roles in Marrakech, and concierge happens to be one of them.  And perhaps my most favourite.  So when it comes to recommending sights to see in Marrakech, my favourite stop is always the Maison de la Photographie.  In fact, TripAdvisor recently named this privately owned museum the top museum in North Africa and … Continue reading

Life lately

Marrakech riads, Copyright Mandy Sinclair

It started a year ago.  I realized I needed to change my life. It was time to start thinking about my next move and what it may be.  It was time to do something for me.  So I took last summer to think about it. Plan. Talk to the people I needed to talk to. … Continue reading