My town, Marrakech

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

It’s hard to believe that just six months ago I boarded a flight to Istanbul, thinking I’d never return.  I’d had enough. I packed up my house. Left my keys with a friend. And planned to return only to move my stuff to my next destination.

But after five weeks away, I was longing to return.  I realized that Marrakech is my city.  It’s the place that makes me come alive.  (Check out my post about Richard Florida’s Who’s your city? idea.)

You see, there’s a certain energy in Marrakech.  You either feel it, or you don’t.  It can’t be explained.

But there’s also a certain pleasant lifestyle.

It’s a place where fruits and vegetables are purchased daily, in-season and local.  And make for refreshingly delicious juices.

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

A place where the houses in the old medina are old, but full of charm despite the endless headaches they may cause.

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Where secrets are hidden behind every doorway.  And in this case, revealed from a neighbouring rooftop terrace.

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

And walking through the medina is like stepping back in time, seeing the artisans hard at work.

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Copyright Mandy Sinclair


That despite some tasks being extremely challenging, others are extremely convenient and simple.

And the local designers.  Oh my.  Step inside one of their boutiques and I easily leave with a few bags.

It’s a place to flock to in winter with warm sunny days with the Atlas Mountains in clear view on most days.  And peaceful valleys nearby for escaping the hustle and bustle.

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

It’s a city filled with where I’ve met some amazing creative types who like to create their own schedule. And create by their own “rules” in life.

But most of all, it’s a city that constantly amazes me.

And it’s a city with a magnificent skyline.  Don’t you think?

Marrakech Morocco, Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Marrakech Morocco, Copyright Mandy Sinclair

I just can’t get enough!

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Have you been to Marrakech?  Did you love it too?


4 Responses to “My town, Marrakech”
  1. It’s definitely my city too! I can’t wait to spend more time there.

  2. Chris Salli Carrieri says:

    Ive been there and I loved the Souk and the hustle and bustle of it…

  3. Edwige says:

    Yes Mandy,

    Like you I so love Marrakech and my very hospitable and gorgeous looking French and Marrakchi friends who make me fall head over heels in love with this beautiful city and the rest of Morocco everytime I come for a visit!!

    I can’t wait to move to this city soon enough from London for a radical lifestyle change.

    Good planning planning and planning first…

    Thank you Mandy for your gorgeous blog. You keep my Marrakech dream very much alive!!

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  1. […] But thankfully I got through it.  Going to Turkey helped, time alone to explore my interests and reflect on where I wanted to be. But I also realized that sometimes we need to rid ourselves of certain people, the type of people that you give and give to, but it’s never enough!  So I did that. I started to spend time by myself, just me, because no matter how busy life gets, this is absolutely vital.  And something I now look forward to my time to restore myself. I invest in little things to make myself happy, feel good about myself, which happen to be two of the things I love the most: travel and fashion.  In a city I just cannot seem to leave. […]

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