Moments that money can’t buy

Sunset in Kas Turkey Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Having spent the Christmas holidays in Canada, and now the credit cards bills are arriving, I’m realizing just how much of a workout my credit card received!  (Although I did have an absolutely gorgeous Christmas with my family!) You see one thing I struggle with when I’m back in the West is the desire to … Continue reading

Slow-travel Morocco, stops worth an extra night

Assilah, Morocco Copyright Mandy Sinclair

One of my favourite places to holiday is Morocco. Beyond the hectic souks and big cities, nature awaits.  Palm groves, mountainous deserts, beautiful mountain ranges and even a coast, Morocco provides an amazing escape.  Sadly, many visitors miss these hidden little gems, stopping only for photos, en route to more popular destinations like Fez, Merzouga, … Continue reading

Street art: Alec Monopoly

Alec Monopoly, Toronto, Copyright Mandy Sinclair

It was one of my favourite exhibits  in Marrakech, and at one of my favourite galleries in Marrakech. The venue: BCK Gallery The artist: Alec Monopoly The theme: Corporate greed with the Monopoly character dominate throughout So I was delighted to see one of his easily identifiable images in downtown Toronto during a recent visit. A … Continue reading

The beauty of winter

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

I’ve just returned from a snowy, cold and blizzard-stricken Canada. We even had ice fog, something I’d never even heard of. It was so cold, it was called a polar vortex. But yet there was something beautiful about it. Something calming about the world slowing down as all roads were closed and schools were canceled. … Continue reading

What I learned in 2013

Source: Google

Though 2013 certainly had its highs and lows, moments of joy and moments of tears,  and a sense of accomplishment often accompanied by a sense of failure, overall it was pretty awesome! Unsurprisingly I happened to learn a few things. Time alone Being by myself once is awhile is healthy, fabulous and above all, necessary. … Continue reading

Turkey: When to go

Ani Turkey, Copyright Mandy Sinclair

With Christmas and New Year over, it’s time to start planning the next holiday.  If you need a break, especially after the holidays, I’d highly recommend a trip to Turkey.  I’m still in awe of Turkey after my recent six-week holiday in this gorgeous country.  However, I’d suggest going before the high season kicks off … Continue reading