Topkapi Palace vs. Alhambra

Upon arriving in Istanbul I started researching things to see and do in this incredibly amazing city.  Topkapi Palace was highly recommended and featured on every travel guide’s must-see list.  In fact one guidebook referred to this Istanbul attraction as a rival to the Alhambra.  As I LOVED my visit to Andalusia this year, I … Continue reading

A Saturday night in Trabzon

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

For most, a trip to the Sumela Monastery is all there is to see in Trabzon, Turkey. Unless of course you like to head off the beaten path. To cafes and spaces that only locals tend to frequent. Where you’ll find the hidden gems, the events not listed in the guidebooks. If so, you may … Continue reading

Looking up

Sumela Monastery Turkey, Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Perhaps because I was always so busy. Perhaps because I always needed to respond to an email immediately. Or a telephone that rang non-stop.  Perhaps because I was concerned about updating my social media statuses.  And what was happening in the online lives of others.  Or pleasing others. Perhaps that’s why I failed to notice … Continue reading

I heart Cappadocia

Cappadocia Turkey, Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Oh I’ve found a little slice of heaven right here in Turkey.  And it’s called Goreme. After extending my visit, I left the village.  Only to return a day and half later. Then extended my visit again.  It was THAT fabulous. So what was it that made this place so special? The hiking I was … Continue reading

What is it about Istanbul…

Aya Sofia, Istanbul Turkey, Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Perhaps because it was sunny, I saw the best side of Istanbul. But I won’t deny that it may have been because of the amazing food.  That tends to get me every time. And a healthy start to the day meant I didn’t have to feel so guilty about indulging in baklava later! Could it … Continue reading

Just me

Oh dear readers, it’s been a rough few weeks.  Weeks filled with major decisions to be contemplated and made.   And rather than making an irrational decision, I’ve decided to step away from the situation.  Take a break.  Far from “home”. By myself. Yep, just me. For me, that’s the scary part.  You see I’m … Continue reading

Fes: A few tips

Tiny alleyways.  Donkeys pulling all kinds of goods.  Locals going about their daily lives.  Centuries-old architecture including the first university in the world, al-Karaouine. Mouth-watering specialties. The Fes medina is one of the most amazing cities I’ve ever visited. And on a recent visit to the imperial city, I discovered a few new haunts and … Continue reading