The best of Morocco’s Atlantic Coast

Cap Beddouza Morocco Copyright Mandy Sinclair

As foreigners flock to Morocco, and locals head off on holiday after celebrating the holy month of Ramadan, it seems like everyone is on holiday here in Morocco with the coastal towns along the Atlantic coast being a popular destination.   Since I’m not on holiday, I can certainly dream about going back to some of … Continue reading

How to quit your job and do what you really want to do (even if you don’t know what it is!)

I often receive emails from people looking to make a major change, inspired by my move to Marrakech.  You see, three years ago I made the decision to give up on my unfulfilling position and just follow my dream.  Wow I was scared.  I remember telling a friend my plans.  Hearing the words come out … Continue reading

Reflections on a fabulous summer

Ontario Parks Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Oh I’m having a fabulous summer.  Not just because of the lazy afternoons with my nephews, hot summer days at the beach, or just enjoying a coffee on the front porch enjoying the silence. But because I’ve had a chance to think.  About what I want. Where I want to go.  And while I don’t … Continue reading

Summer theatre at the Stratford Festival

It’s one of my favourite things to do. Live theatre.  With no chance for a retake, live theatre provides the perfect opportunity to witness extremely talented actors and actresses in action. In beautiful costumes. On imaginative sets. And the Stratford Festival is one of my favourite places to experience live theatre. So this year I … Continue reading