Oh la la Montreal!

Montreal Copyright Mandy Sinclair

It was the warmest of welcomes.  By some of the greatest pals a girl could ask for.  In one of the coolest cities in Canada. Montreal. After a trans-Atlantic flight and in much need of a vacation, I was quickly whisked downtown where we enjoyed views of the river from our hotel room while sipping … Continue reading

Summer in Canada – Stopover in Ottawa

Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada Copyright Mandy Sinclair

I know I usually write about life in Morocco, but this is a shout-out to my former hometown.  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Yes, at one point in my life I was a *gasp* public employee before packing up, moving to Marrakech, and hoping for the best. But despite this, I really do love that city.  Because … Continue reading

A case of the Mondays?

A friend of mine picked this sticker up because it reminded her of me.  I’m not entirely sure why?! hehe But perhaps you’re having a case of the Mondays.  You know, that feeling of waking up on Monday morning and dreading the next five days of 9 to 5.  Or perhaps you’re on vacation and … Continue reading

A special venue at the Gnaoua and World Music Festival

The venue was unique: the rooftop of Bastion Bab Marrakech in Essaouira Morocco. The decor was appropriate: Moroccan carpets and dotted with colourful poufs for lounging about. The ambiance perfect: Seagulls flying above and the sound of the ocean in the background. The open-air stage was set for Eska who performed an amazing solo set … Continue reading

Home for a rest!

I’m home.  In Canada. For a rest. You see I’ve had a busy few months.  More than busy.  Exhausting.  Waking up, day after day, to a miles-long to-do list. And when asked how I was doing, my response became tired, bitchy, exhausted, defeated.  In fact, I’m surprised I still have friends. So I’m spending the … Continue reading