Must-see Morocco

Since moving to Morocco, I’ve had several visitors and through writing this blog I’ve had several people contact me about what to see and do in Morocco.  One of my favourite places to vacation is here in Morocco.  It’s so relaxed.

It’s not like visiting a European city where there are several monuments to see.  Or like New Zealand where there are adventurous activities to take part in.  Nope. Morocco is about soaking up the atmosphere.  Wandering. Exploring. Eating.

And my favourite places to do that are spread throughout the country.  But I would highly recommend a visit to the following:

A night in the Sahara Desert.  Yes it’s mega touristy.   And the camel trek to the camp is dreadful, but the scenery more than makes up for it.  Don’t you think?

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

A night or two in a palm grove, like the Draa Valley, Nkob or Agdz.  Southern hospitality. Amazing food. Stunning scenery. Walks through the lush palm groves. If it were closer to Marrakech, I’d retreat here when I needed to get away for a couple of days.

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Essaouira.  My favourite city escape.  For so many reasons.

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Meknes, a city I’d call a mini-Marrakech.  They have a great little medersa to visit, stunning architecture and a medina that is filled with locals and void of tourists.  So unlike Marrakech, you can walk through the medina without being hassled.  And a day trip to Moulay Idriss and Volibulis are so close and so worthwhile.  And this is the wine-growing region of Morocco and apparently some wineries welcome visitors.  I’ve never been.  It would probably be in my best (health) interest not to!


Assilah, a little gem I discovered during my summer vacation 2012. A cool, laid-back beach town with a chilled-out, arts-filled medina.  I could have stayed here the entire vacation, laying on the beach, eating calamari, drinking beer.  Ok, you get the point.

Wandering the streets of Assilah Morocco

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Chefchaouen, the blue village perfect for wandering, a listening to the sounds of weavers working away in their little shops.  A place I discovered on summer vacation 2011 and returned during summer vacay 2012.

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

A trip out to the Bridge of God in the Talessamtane National Park is a must.

Bridge of God at Talessamtane National Park

Bridge of God at Talessamtane National Park

The relatively unknown Oualidia is stunning.  But it’s becoming a tourist haven.  Get there now for amazing scenery.  Lagoons and birds.  The guide books stay flamingos love to flock there, I’ve never seen one.  Nor has anyone else I’ve talked to.  But it’s gorgeous.

The capital city of Rabat is also quite beautiful, and a visit to the old ruins at Chellah are worth a visit.  Take a guide and let your imagination run wild as the storks fly over.

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

But keep in mind Morocco is a mountainous country.  Travel here takes time. To see the all of the above, plan at least two weeks.  Having travelled both by organized tour, public transport and private driver, I’d highly recommend the latter.  Personal service, personalize itinerary and no doubt you’ll leave with a new friend.

So those are my tips.  If you’d like to book a tour to Morocco, I’m more than happy to put you in touch with a tour operator colleague.

5 thoughts on “Must-see Morocco

  1. Hey! Just found your blog and loved it! I’m going to Morocco in a couple of weeks for 21 days and, even though I might not use it, it sounds good to have the tour operator contact just in case, so if you can share it with me, I’d be very grateful 🙂

    Best wishes!

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