Someone recently asked me if my life is as great as it sounds on Facebook, Twitter and through my blog.  The short answer is yes.

But the truth is that I have bad days on occasion.  I just choose not to bore my Facebook friends and Twitter followers with constant negative updates.  Because everyone has bad days.  Wherever they may live.

I have days where I feel defeated. Wonder why I stay.  Why I don’t just give up and go back to the cushy and well-paid career I left behind.  Days where I could scream (and do). Flee the kingdom and never return. Evenings where I’m extremely grateful for friends.

But then I remember that bad days happen wherever you may live.

That stressful days at the office happen anywhere.

That bad people are everywhere.  That not everyone shares the same value of friendship.

That regardless of where you may live, these types of challenges present themselves.  And so you just have to decide where in the world you are most willing to accept those challenges.  Because most likely the joys and advantages outweigh the challenges and frustrations.

And so even on a bad day in Marrakech, I’m grateful for the decisions I’ve made.

So for now, I’ll stay put.

After all, the sun is shining and it’s +25’C and they call this winter!

Yes We Can!

Oh Obama.

Why can’t Canada have a charismatic, inspirational leader like this man?

But never mind.

Did you see Obama’s inauguration speech the other day?

Wow I was moved.  And I couldn’t help myself writing little notes about different points he made so I can attempt to incorporate them into my life here in Morocco.  Both work and personal.

Like providing appropriate wages for honest labour to liberate people from hardship.  I am proud to say that the company I work for does this, but we can always we do more.  Like teaching the women new skills to not only further their skill set, but instil self-confidence.

And to ensure that children born into poverty have equal chances, not just in the eyes of God.  You see I’ve been looking to volunteer with an association here in Marrakech helping the vulnerable

Sadly, he still has to mention that women, gays and the poor must be provided equal opportunities.

But most importantly, he says that when times change, so must we.

In case you missed it, check it out:

You might just find a little inspiration too!


Where has the time gone?

I can hardly believe it’s been two years ago since I arrived in Marrakech with just three bags, two of which went missing for two days (thank you AirFrance) to  begin a new life here.

Two years since I gave up my unfulfilling, yet well-paid and secure career as a public employee to move to a new country where I had no job waiting for me.

Two years since I decided to follow my own dreams rather than those of others.  To do something that others told me I was crazy to do (just because it was something they could never do).

Two years since I decided to stop complaining about the life I was living, and make changes to ensure I was living the life I wanted to live.

And I have no regrets.

For the past two years I’ve had a career I love. Accepted opportunities I would’ve never received had I not followed my dreams.  Met people who have made similar decisions, and are doing absolutely fascinating things.

It’s gone by so fast.  And I don’t regret my decision for one second.

Perhaps you’re thinking of making a major life change.  And perhaps other people’s lack of willing to follow their dream is preventing you from doing the same.  But if you want something bad enough, you’ll make it work.

I won’t promise that it will always be easy.  But I do promise that it will be worth it.

x Mandy