Someone recently asked me if my life is as great as it sounds on Facebook, Twitter and through my blog.  The short answer is yes. But the truth is that I have bad days on occasion.  I just choose not to bore my Facebook friends and Twitter followers with constant negative updates.  Because everyone has … Continue reading

The end of another day

Sunset in Marrakech, Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Despite living here for two years, watching the sun set over the old city as Jeema el Fna comes to life is still a magical experience with the call to prayer sounding out over the medina. And as the sun sets, it’s the perfect place and time to reflect on a hectic Marrakech day. Just … Continue reading

Yes We Can!

Oh Obama. Why can’t Canada have a charismatic, inspirational leader like this man? But never mind. Did you see Obama’s inauguration speech the other day? Wow I was moved.  And I couldn’t help myself writing little notes about different points he made so I can attempt to incorporate them into my life here in Morocco. … Continue reading


Where has the time gone? I can hardly believe it’s been two years ago since I arrived in Marrakech with just three bags, two of which went missing for two days (thank you AirFrance) to  begin a new life here. Two years since I gave up my unfulfilling, yet well-paid and secure career as a … Continue reading

Great views from around Morocco

Bab Mansour, Meknes Morocco

With today’s #FriFoto theme being great views from around the world, I thought I would personalize it up a bit to my “world”, Morocco.  And share some of the great rooftop views from the old cities through Morocco. First stop, Meknes, a wonderful little town worth exploring for a night.  It’s often overlooked by tourists, … Continue reading