My Christmas wish for you!

My Christmas wish dear reader is that we forget about commercialism.  And focus instead on creating memories that will last a lifetime. Like admiring beautiful Christmas windows. Watching the children’s faces light up with the magic of Christmas. Sending and receiving Christmas cards in the mail. The special atmosphere at the Christmas Eve church service. … Continue reading

The shortest day of the year!

Happy first day of winter. While I typically absolutely hate winter, but I didn’t mind a week of snow and cold while in Berlin. I absolutely loved seeing parents pull their children around on old-fashioned sleds through the Christmas markets. And children squealing with laughter as they slid down the hill in the local park. … Continue reading

Karl Lagerfeld’s Little Black Jacket in Berlin

It was the last day of the exhibit, and my last day in Berlin. So my style-conscious friend and I headed over to Potsdamer Platz in Berlin to check out Karl Lagerfeld’s The Little Black Jacket photography exhibit. And in awe we were. Of our favouritce celebrities modeling Lagerfeld’s revision of the classic Chanel jacket. … Continue reading

A postcard from Berlin!

I’ve crossed another one of my must-visit cities of the list.  This time, Berlin.  A city I’ve longed for since watching the Berlin Wall come down on our 13-channel television (with a channel knob you had to get off the couch to change manually I might add). So I loved spending mornings in cafes in … Continue reading

Marrakech International Film Festival: A week of films, food, friends and fun!

Oh it’s been a fun week with the Marrakech International Film Festival taking place.  I’ve been sneaking out to catch as many films as possible.  Films followed by dinner with friends and vice versa. Given that I live in Morocco, I was drawn to the Moroccan films, many of which were in the coup du … Continue reading

Marrakech International Film Festival: Una Noche

With the Marrakech International Film Festival taking place this week, I’ve been tryiNg to see as many films as possible.  My interests tend to be in the competition films and the Moroccan films, both in and out of the competition. The film I happened to be most excited about was Una Noche as it touched on … Continue reading

Marrakech International Film Festival: Horses of God / Chevaux de Dieu by Nabil Ayouch

It was the first film I saw in the 2012 competition. And it was the first time the film was shown in Morocco. A special experience as I sat in a cinema filled with locals. Filmed in the Sidi Moumin slum outside of Casablanca, Horses of God by Nabil Ayouch tells a story of children … Continue reading