The week ahead

Majorelle Gardens, Marrakesh, Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Oh I’ve had a trying week.  One filled with relationship ups and downs. Nothing major, just tiring. So as I head back to the office tomorrow, I’m hoping this week is filled with love. Like the message on the 1986 Love poster produced by Yves Saint Laurent that hangs on a mood board next to … Continue reading

Arm candy

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

I’ve added another vintage Moroccan carpet to my collection. This time in the form of a clutch. (I *may* have a large collection of Moroccan leather handbags!) So unique.  So fun! And purchased directly from the designer Art/C at the recent Souk event at Le Jardin (one of my favourite restaurants in the Marrakech medina) … Continue reading

Oh November

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

I used to hate November.  Gone are the pretty fall colours.  Say hello to Daylight Savings Time.  And rain.  Or snow. And cold. Dreary. And the lack of statutory holidays meant I had to take a “sick” day just to get through the month. But now.  Well, I’ve been spending my days off at the … Continue reading

The cost of living in Marrakech

I love life in Morocco. But the truth is I miss my family.  And friends. And doing things together that you do when you live in the same city.  Like gathering at our favourite cafes for a good catch up. Or checking out the latest restaurant in town. Special occasions are also difficult. Like birthdays. … Continue reading