The cool sound of Hindi Zahra

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

It was a perfect evening.  A perfect evening for an outdoor concert.

And since I’d arrived early, I also had the chance to hear Moroccan chanteuse Hindi Zahra as she did her sound check.

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

And when it was time for her to actual show, all eyes were on her.

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Her musical style just the kind I love.

Raw.  Yet romantic.  The subject of love ever so predominant. With the gentle sound of guitar in the background.

So obviously her disk has made its way into my CD collection.

In fact, listening to her disk, I find myself imagining that I’m in a small piano bar in the Montmartre district of Paris, surrounded by girls wearing flapper dresses and feathers in their hair.



xo Mandy

2 Responses to “The cool sound of Hindi Zahra”
  1. Marrakeshi horse says:

    Great post .I like your posts especially when you share authentic words about Morocco and Marrakesh .Keep on sharing light .Thank you again

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  1. […] Hayat’s buzzy Gnaoua show, Tony Allen’s afrobeat/jazz set had us dancing about before Hindi Zahra rocked out as she closed down the Friday night […]

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