Ramadan in Marrakech

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

As the sun was setting over the red city, friends were gathering for ftour, the traditional meal following a day of fasting.

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

And while I was originally dreading Ramadan this year, I mean temperatures above +40’C every day, I’m getting used to it.

Actually I have to say I’ve been enjoying it.  Because it forces me to slow down.  The local cafes are closed.  Shops close early, yet reopen after ftour.

But I like it.

Because if there’s one thing I’ve realized recently it’s that we are always “busy”.  Voluntarily.  Busy updating our social media networks.  Busy seeking out new opportunities for career advancement or whatever they may be. Scheduling drinks and dinners with friends amidst our busy schedules.  And even busy racing off to the gym and yoga class so we can leave feeling “refreshed” and ready to get back to business.  Whatever that may be.

But this Ramadan, since we work shorter hours, I really have slowed down.  It may be the extremely hot days.  But I love spending the afternoon in bed with a good book.  Taking naps.  Cooking with friends (I know, ME??!!), and actually enjoying it. Going out to the market and buying fresh fruits and vegetables to make the yummiest of fruit juices when it comes time to break fast.  Losing myself in the latest issue of Vogue.

I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. Or just working towards deadlines. Nope.  I feel like I’ve scratched busy off my to-do list and can now enjoy life!  And I like it.

4 Responses to “Ramadan in Marrakech”
  1. mikanqueen says:

    Great post, Mandy. Maybe I don’t need to dread Ramadan 2013 after all! I’ve re-posted it on my new Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/marocophile
    Ramadan karim!

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