Ramadan in Marrakech

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

As the sun was setting over the red city, friends were gathering for ftour, the traditional meal following a day of fasting. And while I was originally dreading Ramadan this year, I mean temperatures above +40’C every day, I’m getting used to it. Actually I have to say I’ve been enjoying it.  Because it forces … Continue reading

The beauty of friendships

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

I’ve just returned from a hike.  In Switzerland.  Where the valleys were filled with all kinds of beautiful wild flowers. And on my second day of hiking (while waiting for one of my very best friends in the whole world to arrive) I thought about friendships. How like wildflowers, friendships are beautiful. Ever so precious. … Continue reading

The Bluesfest blues

I’ve been feeling a bit blue lately.  Like the kind of blue I feel after two weeks of Ottawa Bluesfest mania. But this year the festival hasn’t even started it, and I’m feeling it already. Because this year I won’t be enjoying concerts every night, discovering new artists, hanging out at the indie stage.  Or … Continue reading

A little imagination

Boulmaine Dades Morocco

Oh there’s a magical little place in Morocco.  A place where the rock formations are like a storybook filled with fairytales.  A place where these rock formations make the imagine run wild.  A place I was rediscovering with a special someone. And that magical little place is Boulemaine Dades.   A wonderful little valley in … Continue reading