Cascades Ouzoud, yes please!

Cascade Ouzoud, Morocco, Copyright Mandy Sinclair

It was a perfect day off. Pretty birds fluttered by and thundering waterfalls created small rainbows. As we sat watching the spectacular show in the natural amphitheatre before us. Ah Cascade Ouzoud, you took my breathe away!

Ah Ourika

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

The perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of Marrakech. To dine on tajine by the river. And stop for wild cherries to snack on while enjoying the views on the way home. It’s may also be a perfect place for a date. *oh my*. But that’s a story for another time…. xo Mandy … Continue reading

My favourite day of the week

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Ah Friday. My favourite day of the week. Not because the weekend is just around the corner and that means two days off from the 9-5. Au contraire for those of us working in tourism. But because here it’s the holy day. The shops close until mid-afternoon. And people enjoy couscous for lunch with friends … Continue reading

What happened when I disconnected

I needed to get away.  From the city. Technology.  E-mails. My iPad. So I escaped to Bin Ouedine in the High Atlas Mountains. And it was here that a friend and I chatted under a tree, listening to the sounds of birds.  And the river passing.  While sipping mint tea and snacking on olive oil … Continue reading


When I was little I used to dream of running away.  To my maternal grandparents’ house. I’d live there forever and read stories with my grandma and help her make dinner in the evening.  I’d play board games all afternoon with my grandpa.  And of course we’d go to the diner for milk shakes while … Continue reading