What happened when I disconnected

I needed to get away.  From the city. Technology.  E-mails. My iPad.

So I escaped to Bin Ouedine in the High Atlas Mountains.

And it was here that a friend and I chatted under a tree, listening to the sounds of birds.  And the river passing.  While sipping mint tea and snacking on olive oil and bread.  And later enjoyed a lamb tajine.  Under the stars.  Just us.  Talking about everything and anything.

And when night turned to day, we sat by the river, enjoying the tranquility over breakfast.

Then walks along the stony shores of a nearby dam.

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Before jumping back in the car to pass through the lush valleys, en route to Marrakech.

Where an inbox of emails, a list of missed calls and text messages awaited. But it was worth the break!


When I was little I used to dream of running away.  To my maternal grandparents’ house.

I’d live there forever and read stories with my grandma and help her make dinner in the evening.  I’d play board games all afternoon with my grandpa.  And of course we’d go to the diner for milk shakes while he told me stories about life during the 1930s and teaching me valuable life lessons I’ll never forget.   Then we’d all go for a walk on the beach and watch the sunset.

Life would be simple.  And uninterrupted.

These days I have the same feelings.  Sadly I can’t run away to my grandparent’s house.

So instead I’m running to a place where WiFi doesn’t work.  Where the people I’m with will have my undivided attention.  Where a phone, iPad or laptop doesn’t take priority.

Because somewhere along the way, texting, updating our Facebook status, letting the world know what we’re up to via Twitter, or making the next move on Words with Friends has become more important than actually spending time with the person we’re physically with.  Precious moments are being missed.  In exchange for virtual encounters with friends.

And so it makes me think we need to reconsider our level of connectedness.  Unplug the earphones and make conversation with those next to us.  And look up from our mobile devises to see what’s happening in the world around us.  Laugh and joke with friends in real life rather than via Twitter or Facebook.  Or share photos and stories in real life rather than pinning to Pinterest.

So I’m heading to the Atlas Mountains.

Imlil, Morocco

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

You can’t reach me.  But I’ll be back.  And I’ll tell you all about it.

But in the meantime, I’ll leave you with this….

The Amish Project 90 Days Spent off the Communication Grid