Life.  It’s been far too busy. Too busy to even realize spring has arrived. Too busy to do things I enjoy doing. So I took a bit of a break.  And headed out of the city. North actually.  To Tangier.  And wandered throughHercules’ Grotto.  As legend has it, Hercules lived here after slashing his sword … Continue reading

Fears, inspiration and a time to change

The time had come to face my fears.  To get back to being Miss Mandy. To stop being afraid of what *may* happen.  To live the life I once lived. So I went for a walk. A walk?  It may not seem like a big deal, but last summer I was mugged.  I had my … Continue reading

A night out: La Mamounia

La Mamounia, Marrakech, Morocco

A friend was visiting from out of town.  So we decided to head for drinks at one of the fanciest addresses in town. Just steps away from the Koutoubia Mosque. Where gardens were beautiful. And architecture grand. At every turn. La Mamounia. A gorgeous hotel in the heart of Marrakech! The perfect place for a … Continue reading

Turn it up!

Dance around. Sing your lungs out.  Pretend you know the words.  In true Miss Mandy style! It’s my new favourite song when I’m out and about around Marrakech at some of my favourite places like Djellabar, Epicurean and Le Blokk to name a few.