This feeling I’m struggling with…


I think we all live with some.  At least this is what I’m noticing in myself and those around me.

Parents feel guilty about leaving their children in the care of others.  Young professionals feel guilty about leaving work at a reasonable hour.

As an expat, and perhaps others feel the same way, I feel a certain guilt about leaving those close to me and missing holidays and special celebrations. Couples in an inter-cultural relationship may feel guilty about dating outside their religion or cultural heritage.

And this is what I’m struggling with.  How to deal with this feeling?

Do you live with guilt?  If so, how do you deal with it?  Do you give in to those making you feel guilty?  Or do you do what you feel is best for you?  Please share.



Lessons from 2011

She’s typically not a fan of odd-numbered years.  So when 2011 came around, she got nervous.  After all, she’d quit her job, sold all her stuff and was going to Morocco.  No job. No place to live. And only a few friends.

But it all worked out.  In fact, along the way she learned a few things.  So she thought she’d share:

  • Bad things happen, but choosing the right attitude makes the situation less difficult.
  • No matter where you may decide to live, life will have its ups and downs. Its challenges and opportunities. Certain feelings and emotions will follow you wherever you may go. You just have to decide where you want to deal with these challenges, hard times, etc.
  • Life can be better. You just have to make the changes you want to see in your life. And with a little hard work, determination and the right people in your life, it will be! After all, you deserve the best.

Happy 2012

My wish for 2012

Love. This is my wish for you for 2012.

For those around you.

For what you do.

For the way you see the world.

For the place you live.  And where you spend the majority of your time.

But most importantly, I wish you love for yourself.  Because until we love ourselves, how will others see our true beauty?  Or treat us with the respect we deserve?

Have a lovely year!

xo Mandy