Just a simple request

Dear Winter in Canada, I’m coming to visit soon. I know we didn’t exactly leave on good terms last year.  I said some nasty things about you.  And you tried to control my shoe decisions with your snow and ice and stuff. But I’m hoping you may find it in your to be kind.  After … Continue reading

A visit to Imlil

Morocco, Atlas Mountains

Sometimes we need an escape. From the city. From the day-to-day routine. Time to take your mind off things are awhile. And clear your head. Talk about new ideas. Be inspired. And thankfully living in Marrakech there are some great places to escape to. Like the Atlas Mountains.  So we headed out towards Imlil. Passing … Continue reading

Happy Couscous Friday!

Couscous Friday Copyright Mandy Sinclair

The traditional lunch dish served on Fridays. Complete with delicious in-season veggies, like squash, cabbage, carrots and peas. And enjoyed on the rooftop terrace as the sun warmed us, the view impressed us, the couscous filled our bellies and the laughter of three girls filled the riad. Happy Couscous Friday!