Riad Yima: Cool cafe, delish coffee!

I love coffee.  And I think I have since I was like four years old and my paternal grandpa gave me a coffee and let me put my own sugar in it.  I’m not exactly sure what he was thinking.  In fact I think it had equal amounts sugar and coffee.  But man I loved it.

And still do. Especially when shared with great friends.

So I was so happy to head out with a darling friend to Riad Yima, a new cafe and boutique in the Marrakech medina owned by Hassan Hajjaj, a well-known Moroccan artist.  In fact, he was once called the Andy Warhol of Morocco.

Being a fan of pop culture and art, which defines Hassan Hajjaj’s work,  I was a huge fan of the cafe.  The architecture and decor was so fun.

His work is certainly amazing!  And the cafe is no exception.

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

The coffee was delish. And also BIG. Like North American sized.

Thumbs up from this coffee addict!

12 thoughts on “Riad Yima: Cool cafe, delish coffee!

    • Hello Linda,
      You are welcome for a visit or for a cup of tea. The riad is now a Boutique Gallery and Tea room, The Riad features Hassan Hajjaj artwork, furniture design and products. Fusing east and west, his works range from witty photos of Arab life to recycled furniture made from Arabic advertising signs. Hajjaj’s work encompasses a wide range of techniques and fields. He designs and produces furniture as well as clothes for fashion lanterns and ceiling……
      You would rather come to discover the riad its a beautiful and amazing space.
      52, Derb Aarajane-Rahba Lkdima
      40 000 Marrakech-Médina
      Tél / Fax: 00212 (0) 524391987
      GSM: 00212 (0) 667230995
      E-mail: riadyima@yahoo.co.uk

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