Getting in the Christmas spirit, YSL style!

I’m not really into Christmas this year.  And it probably has to do with the palm-tree lined streets, sunny skies and warm weather.  Not exactly winter in Canada. But nonetheless I’m sending Christmas cards to some of my favourite people around the world.  So this year I’m sending Yves Saint Laurent Love postcards with my … Continue reading

All in a day’s work

They say that opportunity knocks.  That good things come to those who wait. That may be.  But I also think that good things, opportunities and challenges come to those who actively seek new opportunities.  Open themselves up.  Put themselves out there. Having recently reevaluated where I’m at, where I want to go and what I … Continue reading

The feast is finally here!

For days, the streets were filled with locals taking sheep home in advance of Eid Al Adha.  And the day of the feast had finally arrived. The streets of the Marrakech medina were filled with lambs waiting to be enjoyed by large families.  The smell of the meat roasting on the open grills all throughout … Continue reading

Dreaming in colour

When blue skies turn to rain, I think of the beautiful and vivid colours throughout Morocco. Like the Majorelle Blue of Yves Saint Laurent’s house at Jardins Majorelle (one of my favourite sites in Marrakech, by the way). Or the orange of the desert while riding camels into the sunset. Even the wonderfully bright yellow … Continue reading

Riad Yima: Cool cafe, delish coffee!

I love coffee.  And I think I have since I was like four years old and my paternal grandpa gave me a coffee and let me put my own sugar in it.  I’m not exactly sure what he was thinking.  In fact I think it had equal amounts sugar and coffee.  But man I loved … Continue reading