My latest genius idea

Not a fan of having a dull moment, I got myself a scooter.

But if you’ve ever been to Marrakech, you’d probably think I were insane for even thinking about getting one.  And then even crazier for actually driving one.  Especially to getting around through the old city.

After all, if you’ve ever been to the old Marrakech medina, you’d understand the potential dangers.

The narrow and windy alleyways filled with children running free. And people stopping to chat. Donkeys pulling carts filled with all kinds of stuff.  Rickety ladders leaning against buildings as part of a construction project.  Potholes and uneven cobblestone are a common site.  Add to this the general confusion of just trying to find your way around.

Then enter the souks. Artisans work freely in the streets on their latest metalworks or wood-working project. Where men sell vegetables from the side of the cobblestone streets. Women set up impromptu stalls selling baskets in the square.   Tourists wandering freely, amazed by their surroundings. And locals go about their daily lives.

And me on a scooter.

Even the wild cat eating garbage on the side of the street ran for its life.

And I would’ve appreciated if the miniature horse roaming freely through Jemaa el Fna amongst hundreds of tourists, causing the horses at the horse-and-buggy stand to go wild, picked another day to head into the popular area.

But despite all of this, I managed to survive.  And thankfully so did the people in my path.

Evening in the spice square

Evening in the spice square

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