Bachelor degrees and risk factors

Once again mainstream media has launched an attack on the value of the university degree.  Asking how does it financially improve the lives of degree-holders.  Labelling it a “risky investment”.  And in my opinion, placing blame on universities. But I think we need to look more behind that so-called risky investment. At the “advisors”, also … Continue reading

A fairy tale, Essaouira style!

Herb shop Essaouira, Morocco

It was something out of a fairy tale. A magical little place.  A hidden cave on a tiny Essaouira street. A shop where spices, herbs, dried “stuff” were available for purchase outside. And step inside where the herbs dry on one side of the shop. On the other side, the prepared remedies. For all kinds … Continue reading

Prison life

At the TEDx Marrakesh event I attended recently, one of the speakers concluded with the following quote by Rumi: “Why do you stay in prison when the door is wide open?” LOVE IT! If you hate your job, your relationship, your situation, whatever it may be, why are you choosing the prison cell? That’s something … Continue reading


Sidewalk chalk fun

It didn’t matter that their house looked like a crime scene by the time they were done.  They were having fun. And laughing. Him at the tickles as the chalk outlined his body. Her as her little nephew jumped up excitedly to see himself outlined in chalk.  And then move on to the next open … Continue reading

Getting cozy

Sometimes we just need to sit and think. About where we’re at in life.  Determine if we’re where we want to be.  If not, what do we need to do to get there. Or perhaps think about new initiatives or challenges we’d like to undertake. Redefine our goals.  Set new ones. With action plans and … Continue reading

TEDx Marrakesh

Sometimes I feel the need to open my mind to new ideas.  Search for knowledge.  Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I worked in a university for nearly four years.  But I also like to meet “cool” individuals doing “cool” things. And that’s exactly what I found when I went to … Continue reading

When opportunity knocks…

No detail is overlooked in Fes, Morocco

….you need to be ready to answer. Right now I feel like an opportunity is about to knock.  And I’m hoping it’s what I want it to be. Because I’ve been looking for opportunities.  A chance to do something new.  Change directions. So to be sure I’m ready, I’m preparing myself. Ridding myself of any … Continue reading