Eid Mubarak!

Enjoying ftour in Fes, Morocco

Well the month of Ramadan has come to a close.  And the streets of Marrakech are back to their usual hustle and bustle. I remember when I was booking my ticket to Morocco, I wanted to be here before Ramadan started.  People thought I was crazy for wanting to travel in a Muslim country during … Continue reading

If summer has to end…

Perfect fall boots

Then at least let me slip my feet into a pair of these boots. Really though, I’m still in denial that summer’s coming to an end.  And I’m not accepting it until my last remaining mini-vacation’s over.  And it’s an ocean getaway. So when I get back I think I’m going to have to get myself … Continue reading

A lesson from a young fashionista!

Chefchaoun Morocco

Heels.  Jeleba. And a sidewalk to act as a catwalk.  Of course that sidewalk lead to the corner store where she treated herself to a snack. At such a young age, I’d say she knows a thing or two. Be unique.  Choose your own style.  Don’t worry what others think. And given that I like … Continue reading

Choosing the right attitude

The blue-and-white medina of Chefchaoun, Morocco

She’d been excited about her Moroccan vacation for weeks.  Planning to visit new places.  And revisit old favourites. But when an incident happened just three hours in, her spirits were saddened.  She was left feeling scared. Sad. Frustrated that she’d lost all her identification and mobile phone.   Thoughts of “if only” ran through her head.  She was rethinking … Continue reading

Postcard from Talessamtane National Park

Soaking up the sun at Talessamtane National Park

It was her last day of vacation. She’d already changed her plans along the way.  Extended her stay. She’d never been one to plan every detail.  After all, Picasso once said “if you know exactly what you’re going to do, what’s the point of doing it”.  A motto she lived by. So she headed into … Continue reading

The impact of a single journey

"A single journey can change the course of a life. Cambodia, May 2011"

I love Vanity Fair.  The well-written articles, beautiful photography and stunning ads capture me for hours. So when I saw this gorgeous ad, I stopped.  Couldn’t take my eyes off of the caption.  Someone else felt the same way as I. Yep I know that feeling.  A feeling so strong it changed my entire life. … Continue reading

A tale of helping others

With technology it’s amazing the people you can meet.  With similar interests. Like @MarocMama who I’ve communicated with via Twitter. She too came to Morocco and wanted to return and make a difference. Inspired by the fact that there is a home for abandoned babies and “the babies spend quite a bit of time in … Continue reading