A day off in Ottawa

Hanging out on the dock in Gatineau, copyright Mandy Sinclair

If you had one day off to do anything you wanted what would you do? That’s the decision I had to face when I recently had ONE day to do whatever I wanted in Ottawa. So I grabbed some friends.  We hiked in the Gatineau Hills. Soaked up on the sun on the dock at … Continue reading

Remember back in the day

Sprinkler fun on a warm summer day!

Remember the simple days of running through the sprinklers?  When your mom would put on the sprinkler for you and your friends to run through. A great way to cool off.  And hours of entertainment, laughter and screaming. That’s kinda what happened to my friend and I today after getting stuck in the midst of the … Continue reading

My fav thing about Bluesfest

Meeting Miss Emily, my favourite Canadian indie musician

Music. Sunshine. Friends. And after-shift beers.  It’s been a great 12 days at Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest. But I was delighted when I got to hear Miss Emily and her band take to the stage one sunny Saturday afternoon. You see, one of my favourite things about Bluesfest is hearing new artists.  Musicians I’ve never heard … Continue reading