A true story….

Do you ever feel like the next big opportunity is just around the corner?  Like it’s waiting to happen at any minute? I do.  Right now.  After all, they say opportunity knocks. And I feel like in our culture we have endless opportunities.  Some search for it and are rewarded.  While others sit around complaining, … Continue reading

What I’m thankful for today…

Cottaging in Quebec

…technology. I’m able to work remotely.  And this is my office.  My view isn’t so bad either. Happy summer!  

Just like Diddy….

Canada Day on Parliament Hill, Ottawa Canada Copyright Mandy Sinclair

I’m coming home.  I even took the last train.  But to Casablanca.  Not Paris. Because the thought of missing a Canadian summer is unimagineable. Sunny days filled with bike rides, picnics and swimming.  Evenings on the patio or down by the water watching the sunset. And weekends at the cottage doing whatever you please, whenever … Continue reading

It’s a venti cappuccino to go kinda Monday

… in a country where takeaway coffees don’t exist.  And this is a large. *sigh*

I’ve got Marrakech on my toes

Marrakech on my toes Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Nothing says summer like toe-baring summer sandals.  I like my heels high.  And my nails painted.  Bright. Typically with OPI nail polish.  (I’m not one to cheat, having learned my lesson after buying MAC polish.) But the Morocco collection from Herome is irresistible.  Like perfect.  After the first stroke of the brush, it was love … Continue reading

Saturday morning in Marrakech

Breakfast time in Morocco! Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Lounging about on the terrace. Mint tea. Fresh msimem made at home. Olive oil from the desert. The sounds of birds chirping from the orange trees down below and Gnaoua music from a neighbouring riad are filling the house. Happy Saturday!

The truth

For the most part, life here is pretty great. But it’s not perfect. Nope. There are days when I just wanna cry. Days when I relationships go wrong. When I miss those who are closest to me.  A lot.  When I just wanna grab a coffee to go.  Like a really big coffee.  I experience … Continue reading

When things don’t go as planned…

Sometimes we set out on a mission to change the world.  Or to help others.  But in the end we find that the world changes us.  That those we intend to help, actually help us.  Because, in fact, they have just as much to teach us as we have to teach them. And recognizing this … Continue reading

Postcard from a perfect weekend in Essaouira

Wandering through the colourful streets of Essaouira Copyright Mandy Sinclair

With the Morocco vs. Algeria football match taking place in Marrakech, an escape to the laid-back ocean town of Essaouira was the perfect idea. So the two laid in the sun, walked barefoot in the ocean, lunched on fresh seafood and wandered through the old medina in search of some Moroccan goodies.  Passing colourful doorways, … Continue reading

Music to my ears

I have a confession to make.  I love love songs.  I suppose it’s a guilty pleasure. So it’s no surprise that when I heard My First by Moroccan musician Sofia Marikh and Jermaine Jackson, I loved it immediately. Enjoy!