A true story….

Do you ever feel like the next big opportunity is just around the corner?  Like it’s waiting to happen at any minute?

I do.  Right now.  After all, they say opportunity knocks.

And I feel like in our culture we have endless opportunities.  Some search for it and are rewarded.  While others sit around complaining, expecting an opportunity to present itself on a silver platter.

But I’ve also recently met those who have dreams.  Desires.  But no opportunities.  Stricken by poverty, visa restrictions or high unemployment rates, they have little hope of opportunity knocking.

And it makes me sad.

So let me tell you a little story.  It’s a story of a man who’s had to leave his family, including his child, to work in the city.  He works incredibly hard. Seven days a week. And on call 24 hours a day. His salary supports his family and medication for his father.  He considers himself lucky that he gets to see his family every few months and that he has a job.

But if he just had what we’d consider a small amount of money, he could buy a truck and sell local produce.  It would allow him to live with his family.  See his young son grow up. Visit the doctor for an annual check up. Take pride in his work. Support his family.

But that opportunity has not presented itself.  So he continues working away.  With a smile on his face. Grateful that he has a job.

The truth

For the most part, life here is pretty great.

But it’s not perfect.

Nope. There are days when I just wanna cry. Days when I relationships go wrong. When I miss those who are closest to me.  A lot.  When I just wanna grab a coffee to go.  Like a really big coffee.  I experience difficult things. Or just don’t feel like arguing over the price, though it’s just part of society. When things just don’t seem to go right.

But then I remember that friends are just a phone call away.  And we chat like old times.  They remind us why we made the decisions we did. Why I’m here. The things I love about this place.  Challenges that exist anywhere in the world.  And why I came back.

And suddenly I get my smile back.  The step in the Miss Mandy “strut”. And I go about laughing and joking as I normally do!

Thankful for those who truly “get” me!