A perfect Sunday in Marrakech!

In search of a traditional Moroccan wedding blanket, she hopped on the back of her friend’s scooter and headed to the weekly local market.

As the sun beat down, the two stopped for sweetened yogurt drinks and munched on fresh roasted almonds while rummaging through old antiques.  He patiently explained what each one was.  And she couldn’t resist picking up some new pieces for her parents’ antique-filled home.

All the while, it brought back memories of spending Sundays rummaging through flea markets with one of her favourite people EVER, her grandpa!  Except she was surrounded by the walls of the old Marrakech medina.

She didn’t find her blanket because in true flea market fashion, you never know what you’ll see.

Like the inside of a slot machine.  Which obviously it brought back memories of weekends in Las Vegas.

And tapes.  To bring back memories of a three-day bus ride across Canada with only three mixed tapes.  (She’ll never complain again about only having an 8 Gb iPod.)

Happy Sunday!

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