To all the mommas out there…

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies reading this blog.

I sincerely salute you for all you.  I’m an aunt, not a mother, and I can see how difficult the job is.

Not only because you want the best for your children, but Western society has become obsessed with parenting. Magazines, books, television shows…all dedicated to helping us be better parents.

But also add to this a career, a household to manage, extra-cirrucular actitivies for the children.  And then along comes the yummy mommy label and suddenly there is a whole new status to achieve.  My goodness, it seems like the next generation of Mean Girls.

Yet when I think back to the best memories I have of my mom, it was the simple moments we spent together that mattered.  (And still do.)  Or dressing up in her clothes when she was at work because we wanted to be just like mom.

So I leave you with a message of Love, compliments of Yves Saint Laurent who also lived in Marrakech.  Although he typically sent at New Years.

Yves Saint Laurent Love poster 1977

Yves Saint Laurent Love poster 1977

To purchase official postcard versions of the posters, please contact me.

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