Camelia having a drink Copyright Mandy Sinclair

I love to laugh.  Like laugh my ass off.  So hard that I may wet my pants.  But with all the depressing news lately, it’s easy to get caught up in negative.  The what ifs.  And we forget to laugh.

So in times like that, I’m happy that my friend had her camera ready as another one of our friends gave a camel a soda.  Unfortunately the tourists watched in horror as he drank it.
I could hardly control my laughter for days on end.


Camelia having a drink

Camelia having a drink

2 Responses to “LMFAO!”
  1. Kathy Sadler says:

    Great photo!! I love to laugh too.

    Live well;Laugh much; Love often.. that is what I live by!!

  2. whymorocco says:

    Yes you certainly do Kathy. I love your attitude!

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