A perfect Sunday in Marrakech!

In search of a traditional Moroccan wedding blanket, she hopped on the back of her friend’s scooter and headed to the weekly local market. As the sun beat down, the two stopped for sweetened yogurt drinks and munched on fresh roasted almonds while rummaging through old antiques.  He patiently explained what each one was.  And … Continue reading

Realist vs. Pessimist

After an exciting 2010 filled with travelling, exciting professional opportunities and planning a move to Morocco, I’m getting a bit bored. I made here. Got a job. Made some friends. Now I need to do something. So in true Miss Mandy fashion, I’ve got an idea. A big idea! After all, I’m a dreamer. And … Continue reading

My favourite day of the month!

I love payday.  Like really love payday. Live for payday. So you could imagine my shock and horror when I was informed that payday in Morocco takes places once a month. Now that you’ve caught your breath, I’ll continue. Given an unfortunate event that caused many tourists to cancel their trips to Marrakech, I felt … Continue reading

Miss Mandy loving the kitchen!

Tonight I was bored.  So I did something I don’t think I’ve ever before done for fun. I cooked.   I know, you’re thinking, “that’s not the Mandy I know!” I wasn’t even hungry.  But I really love cooking my own tajines.  Heading to the souks to buy the fresh vegetables and olives, the herb … Continue reading

What I’m listening to these days

I’ve discovered Yala.fm which just recently launched, offering free Arabic music.  For online listening and downloads.  Yet the artists get compensated. Given my love of music, I’m super happy about the opportunity to hear new artists.  Right now I’m loving Jannat and Sofia Marikh.  So much that I’m trying to figure out a way to … Continue reading

Rockin’ the jeleba

Copyright Mandy Sinclair

So the other day a former staff member where I was living gave me a gift.  A jeleba. It was so incredibly thoughtful of her.  And two of my favourite colours.  Combined. Love it!  Especially on hot days. And in true Miss Mandy fashion, I had it on inside out as I pranced down the … Continue reading

Miss Mandy kinda in the kitchen

Spicing up my life with olives Copyright Mandy Sinclair

So I’ve been cooking lately.  Like maybe three times per week.  Those who know me, know that that’s impressive.  And after impressing my Moroccan friends with my last two tajines, I’m feeling confident. But tonight it’s hot.   No sweating it out in the kitchen for this girl.  So I decided it was Moroccan salad, … Continue reading

To all the mommas out there…

Yves Saint Laurent Love poster 1977 Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies reading this blog. I sincerely salute you for all you.  I’m an aunt, not a mother, and I can see how difficult the job is. Not only because you want the best for your children, but Western society has become obsessed with parenting. Magazines, books, television shows…all dedicated … Continue reading

Postcard from the High Atlas Mountains

A walk through the High Atlas Mountains Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Though it was late when we arrived, we were greeted with a huge plate of couscous and excited children. The next morning we indulged in a breakfast of fresh-squeezed orange juice, crepes drizzled with olive oil, honey and thyme and a glass of mint tea, before heading off on a walk through this beautiful area. … Continue reading


Camelia having a drink Copyright Mandy Sinclair

I love to laugh.  Like laugh my ass off.  So hard that I may wet my pants.  But with all the depressing news lately, it’s easy to get caught up in negative.  The what ifs.  And we forget to laugh. So in times like that, I’m happy that my friend had her camera ready as another … Continue reading