Two of my favourite things

I love Morocco.  But I’m going to take a little break from the Kingdom and head home for  Ottawa Bluesfest.  It’s such an honour to serve as an area leader of their social media team. And line-up blew my mind.  Flaming Lips, Caravan Palace, The Tea Party, Danny Michel, Hannah Georgas, Girl Talk, The Tragically … Continue reading

The rearview mirror

Sometimes we want to make life changes.  And after quite awhile thinking about it, getting more and more fed up with our current situation, weighing the pros and cons….we finally do it.  With a little help from friends.  And to the amazement of those who “could never do what you are doing”. But then we … Continue reading

Miss Mandy in the kitchen

I know, those words almost NEVER go together. But I really, really love the food here and I can’t always go to restaurants.  So my friend is teaching me how to cook. And we are starting with baby steps. Moroccan salad. So I thought I’d share: Peel the tomatoes, green peppers and onions. (because of … Continue reading

Venturing into the unknown

I’ve been in desperate need of a hair cut for awhile now.  But trying out a new hair stylist can be scary.  Like dating.  It can either be great.  Or really bad. Except there is typically nothing you can do about it.  You just fall victim to what I like to call false advertising. False … Continue reading

In the market for happiness

If happiness were on sale, I would’ve stocked up last week. But money doesn’t buy happiness. So I headed to the desert.  And I stocked up on good friends, fresh bread baked from the communal bread over, and sunshine. All things that money can’t buy.  But knowing that it’s the little things in life that make … Continue reading

You can take the girl outta the city…

Hiking in the Ourika Valley Copyright Mandy Sinclair

…but next time please let her know in advance what will be required of her.  Steve Maddens aren’t exactly the best shoes for hiking up to a waterfall, crossing rivers and climbing over rocks.

It wasn’t a cheat

Cute summer sandals by Mounir Designs Copyright Mandy Sinclair

…they were a gift.  From the same designer who made my purple boots. I’m the only lucky lady in Marrakech with these shoes.  I love supporting local artisans. After all, with the warmer weather, I needed a new pair of shoes. Stay tuned for an online store.

A night out!

Royal Theatre in Marrakech Morocco Copyright Mandy Sinclair

So I went out for my first night on the town last night.  I know, pathetic.  I’ll make up for lost time later. But I had a great time. The venue was the Royal Theatre.  The event was the Royal Symphony Orchestra.  Imagine: open-air theatre listening to amazing music.  Does life get any better? It … Continue reading

Change of plans

So I’ve decided I’m coming home.  Like Diddy. I’ve quit my job.  I’m moving out.  And I’m going to change my flight. It’s too hot here in Marrakech.  The men are too beautiful. The food is too delicious.  It’s time to go back to winter. P.S.  Happy April Fool’s Day.  See you in June!