Cheat #1

I think they were worth it!

I think they were worth it!

Every year at Lent I give up something.  I once gave up coffee and nearly died.  Last year I gave up credit cards, carbs and first dates.  I know, everything that basically defines me.

This year it’s no unnecessary purchase.  No new purses.  Shoes.  Belts.  Shirts.  Nada.  Which is really hard given the amazing leather artisans here in Marrakech.  Nope.  I’m choosing to spend my dirhams on experiences.

But every year my friend who participates in Lent with me says we get two cheats.

So two weeks in and I’m on my first cheat.  I just had to have this little beauties.  In my fav colour of course!  I’m sure you’ll agree that it was worth it!

Purple boots

I heart purple!

13 thoughts on “Cheat #1

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