One thing I h*@#

The closest thing we have to a big-box store in my neighbourhood! Copyright Mandy Sinclair

I hate big box stores.  Like really hate big box stores.  Everything about them.  Sure they be cheaper, but don’t forget, cheap is expensive. They kill traditions. And typically sell unnecessary junk. I like to know the farmer who sells me my vegetables. And since I moved to Morocco, the man who’s crafted my latest … Continue reading

Cheat #1

Ankle boots by Mounir Designs Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Every year at Lent I give up something.  I once gave up coffee and nearly died.  Last year I gave up credit cards, carbs and first dates.  I know, everything that basically defines me. This year it’s no unnecessary purchase.  No new purses.  Shoes.  Belts.  Shirts.  Nada.  Which is really hard given the amazing leather … Continue reading

I heart Marrakech!

overlooking the Marrakech medina from a rooftop terrace Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Living in the old medina of Marrakech, I sometimes feel like I live in another world.  Another era. One that is filled with donkeys pulling carts full of items for sale.  Like fresh produce. A place where children run freely through the narrow alley ways.  And walk to and from school each day. Where the … Continue reading

Yves and I

Chez Yves Saint Laurent, Jardin Majorelle Copyright Mandy Sinclair

Well I must say, Yves Saint Laurent and I, we have lots in common. No really, we do. Back in the day he and his partner went on a Moroccan adventure.  He immediately fell in love with Marrakech, the country, and the people. Sounds familiar! In the words of Saint Laurent himself: “Marrakech was an … Continue reading

On children

Children enjoying the outdoors

One of the things I noticed immediately when I arrived in Morocco for the first time was that children play together.  Outside.  Without supervision. They are engaged in a game of soccer.  Or a board game on the sidewalk.  Or just running through the streets. Being children! In fact a couple of weeks ago I … Continue reading