The simple things

Springtime in Todra Gorge

I used to make a list of the things that made me happy throughout the day.  It usually comprised five items.   Simple things.  Like listening to a great album.  Hearing children playing in the streets. Great friends.

I haven’t made a list recently.  But the other day  I was reviewing some pictures, thinking about what’s made me happy recently.

Trees in blossom throughout the valleys across central Morocco was high on the list.  As is the zebra skin taped to the wall.Springtime in Todra Gorge


3 Responses to “The simple things”
  1. well you just inspired me too start my own blog and i had to say a thank you to you for that.thank you once again!

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  2. […] But then I remember that friends are just a phone call away.  And we chat like old times.  They remind us why we made the decisions we did. Why I’m here. The things I love about this place.  Challenges that exist anywhere in the world.  And why I came back. […]

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