The end of oil

I’m not a political person.  I don’t typically engage in political conversations.  Or even read about them in the newspaper.   But once again the end of oil is making an appearance.  It’s like the Lindsay Lohan of the business pages.  It sells. But it’s unjust. For too long we’ve relied on oil.  For too … Continue reading

More love

Love poster 2007

La mode passe Le style demeure Love. Amour.  A great feeling. The theme of many songs. The main story in many films. And often the main topic of discussion when I meet with a friend.  After all, I tend to fall in and out of love on a regular basis. It’s also a message that Yves … Continue reading

The simple things

Springtime in Todra Gorge

I used to make a list of the things that made me happy throughout the day.  It usually comprised five items.   Simple things.  Like listening to a great album.  Hearing children playing in the streets. Great friends. I haven’t made a list recently.  But the other day  I was reviewing some pictures, thinking about … Continue reading

The prehistoric era

Teleboutique in Marrakech

I once read a blog written by a location scout in New York City about the disappearance of phone booths in the city.  I suppose as we become more reliant on our cellphones, the need for phone booths disappear. However that’s not the case here in Marrakesh.  Au contraire.  Teleboutiques co-exist in a city where … Continue reading

The magic of the medina

Hanging out in the medina

The medina in Marrakesh is a magical place, filled with something for all senses.  And all ages.  The spice market.  The leather souks.  The musicians, snake-charmers and story-tellers that fill the Djeema Al-Fna, the busy square popular with locals and tourists, along with the food stalls that fill the area with the aroma of kebabs … Continue reading