A little trip to the souk!

Carpet shop in the medina

Carpet shop in the medina

Carpet making is a female craft here in Morocco and they are absolutely beautiful.  I had the opportunity once to see the process from start to finish and it’s unreal the amount of work that is put in to one carpet.

And yet the shops in the souks are filled with beautiful works of art. As are the homes.

The other day while in the souks I ended up purchasing a carpet, purple of course.  It was a tough decision given all of my options in the little shop with stacks of carpets to choose from.  But the owner did provide me with a cup of mint tea while he pulled out more and more carpets for me to choose from.

But now I’m on my way to filling my apartment with all things Moroccan!

6 Responses to “A little trip to the souk!”
  1. nic says:

    But which of the many carpets depicted here did you actually buy? Living vicariously through you!

  2. GlendaM says:

    That’s awesome Mandy!! Hope you are enjoying life in Morocco!

  3. Kathy Sadler says:

    Hi Mandy. I love the carpet you chose and now you must write about your apartment. Remember don’t buy too much “stuff” as per your previous blogging!! Less is more! Just enjoy and savour every moment of every day and keep us posted. We miss you and know you will be having the most amazing experience.”Live well; love much; laugh often”. xo

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