Resolving to change

Jardin Majorelle

Jardin Majorelle

It’s the time of year when people commit to making changes.  Resolutions.  I’m not really making any though.  I think quitting my job, moving my stuff into storage and deciding to go to Morocco is enough.

But then I thought about it.  I kind of am making resolutions.  I’m resolving to change the things in my life that I am fed up with.  Big and small.  After all, I can’t continuously complain about life here if I’m not going to do anything about.

So I am.

We all have the ability to change what it is we don’t like in our life, we just don’t all take advantage of this opportunity.  Or it takes us longer to become truly fed up that we get to the point of making the change.

Having made some significant decisions in recent months, it seems that things aren’t so bad on the other side.  The hardest part is sticking to your plans when society tells you otherwise.  Inevitably something or someone is going to try to present you with a tempting option to challenge you.  Make you question your decision.

But what I’ve discovered though is that the key to sticking to a resolution is this:  Believe in yourself and the decisions you are making.  And have a group of supportive friends and family when you start to have second thoughts.

3 thoughts on “Resolving to change

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