Keeping up the pace

Tea time!

In North America we are always busy.  Packing our evenings with events.  Squeezing in a gym workout.  Cramming more work into our day than we can possibly accomplish.  Driving children from one extracurricular activity to the next. Constantly checking our smart phones and responding immediately. Yet at the end of the day, what have we … Continue reading

A little trip to the souk!

Carpet shop in the medina

Carpet making is a female craft here in Morocco and they are absolutely beautiful.  I had the opportunity once to see the process from start to finish and it’s unreal the amount of work that is put in to one carpet. And yet the shops in the souks are filled with beautiful works of art. … Continue reading

The single life

I’m single.  I am in no rush to change my relationship status.  I don’t need sympathy or concern that I live a lonely life.  Nope.  I love it. Sure, I go home by myself.  But after I’ve decided to work late, take a yoga class or a have dinner with a friend.  My weekend getaways … Continue reading


In recent blog posts I’ve talked about how great it is to work at a university and see the students full of energy and passion.  It’s both inspiring and refreshing.  They would bring a fresh perspective to my life.  I would often meet people and think about how they are really “going places”. Like Hilary! … Continue reading

Buying less, living more!

corner store in Fes medina

Recently, I have sold off quite a bit of furniture, donated piles of clothes to charity shops, and rid myself of a lot of stuff.  All in an attempt to live with less. But part of living with less is buying less. Buying less clothes. Reducing the cable package. Fewer toys for the children. No … Continue reading

Resolving to change

Jardin Majorelle

It’s the time of year when people commit to making changes.  Resolutions.  I’m not really making any though.  I think quitting my job, moving my stuff into storage and deciding to go to Morocco is enough. But then I thought about it.  I kind of am making resolutions.  I’m resolving to change the things in … Continue reading