Yves' Saint Laurent Love posters

If you are ever in Marrakesh, I highly recommend a visit to the Jardin Majorelle.  The art deco house once belongong to Moroccan artist Jacques Majorelle, surrounded by plants from all five continents, is stunning.   It’s also home to a collection of LOVE posters. Love posters? Yves Saint Laurent lived here for awhile with his partner.  And … Continue reading

Looking back

Todra Gorge

All good things must come to an end.  Like 2010. It’s been a great year.  Lots of adventures.  Time spent with great friends and family.  And right amount of challenges to keep me on my toes without feeling defeated. It’s also been a life-changing year.  Especially after my trip to Morocco. But I think the … Continue reading

Decisions, decisions

Leather souks in Fes

Sometimes we make decisions and may second-guess ourselves after.  We may question if it were the right choice.  If the decision were made too quickly and we should’ve thought it through more.  Or sometimes we think about things for too long and we don’t ever make a decision.  Other times people’s comments may make us … Continue reading

Happy face. Sad face.

Meeting for mint tea with great friends

Things that make me happy = great friends. Things that make me sad = leaving great friends and knowing that I may never live in the same city as them again. Also on the sad list is the friends you meet while travelling, instantly bond with but you may never see again. Or at least … Continue reading