So apparently I’m giving off a certain impression of Morocco through the photos that I post.  Today when I was telling a colleague about my direct flight to Casablanca he responded with, “That’s civilized.”  Obviously we laughed our head off.  And I had to share.

So I should say, I travelled in a lot of rural areas and they were well, rural, but civilized.  But the cities are like any other city.  In fact, being in Marrakesh I felt like I was in Europe.  I just can’t say I’d want to drive there. But I say the same about driving in Montreal.  Otherwise, it’s civilized.

2 thoughts on “Civilization

  1. Haha ! Mandy, you forgot to mention that even in the most rural places, Morrocan guys have the nicest pairs of jeans (grouarrr) and the latest cell phone technology ! LOL !

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