The art of zellig

Meknes, Morocco

I love architecture.  Art deco is my favourite. But I also loved zellig, mosaics, that exist everywhere in Morocco.  It was behind fountains, covered floors, pillars and walls, and anywhere else you could imagine.  Each piece perfectly in place. The process We even had the pleasure of seeing a zellig come to life.  Men creating … Continue reading


So apparently I’m giving off a certain impression of Morocco through the photos that I post.  Today when I was telling a colleague about my direct flight to Casablanca he responded with, “That’s civilized.”  Obviously we laughed our head off.  And I had to share. So I should say, I travelled in a lot of … Continue reading

The man in the mirror

Change.  Some people hate it.  Others love it. It’s nothing new.  Society is continuously evolving. Thankfully, in our society we have the opportunity to make change.  If we don’t like our job, we can find another one.  Not a fan of the current government, than exercise your right to vote. It seems everywhere I look … Continue reading

Break time!

Nous-nous khabir

Today I was talking about my love of coffee, which is probably more of an addition, when someone asked me what I was going to do in Morocco.   Afterall, I LOVE coffee.  Like really good coffee. But no worries friends.  They have coffee there.  Nous-nous (half milk, half coffee with LOTS of sugar). So … Continue reading

Role playing

Riding through the Sahara Desert, Morocco

We all have a lot of roles to play.  Daughter. Sister. Aunt. PR professional. Board member. Friend. Just a few roles I play in addition to being Mandy. Sometimes though one of our roles demands more of our attention and we are unable to give 100 per cent to each of our roles.  And that’s … Continue reading

Words from the wise

Yves Saint Laurent 'Love' posters at Jardin Majorelle, Marrakesh

Remember that feeling you had when you were a post-secondary student?  You know, the ambitious, I can solve a world problem.  Participated in everything.  Took advantage of every opportunity. Never slept because you were on a mission. It’s motivating to be around students who light up as they tell you about their plans.  What they … Continue reading

Bon appetit!

Sometimes I think I have the best job on Earth.  Like today, I got to judge the international student cook-off.  One hour of pure deliciousness.  Spices. Flavours that I don’t usually get to enjoy. Sweets.  Students telling me about their cultures while dressed in their traditional clothing.  It was a little taste of heaven. But … Continue reading

Review: Sex and the City 2

A few weeks ago  I was re-watching Sex and the City 2 on DVD.  I remember quite enjoying it in theatres .  It helped to build up my excitement about Morocco since I was leaving the following week.  But re-watching I have to say, not only was it boring, it was extremely offensive. I remember … Continue reading

Learning styles

When I was a university student I didn’t always realize the joy of learning.  Deadlines, essays, exams, part-time jobs, socializing, stressing about money and life in general tended to take over.  Sure there were a few courses I took during my undergraduate degree that were interesting and had nothing to do with my program. And I … Continue reading

Je veux vivre

Je veux vivre. A song that made me come alive when travelling in Morocco. And still does.  It’s just so catchy and easy to sing and dance around. The lyrics just describe my desires so well: Je veux vivre pour embrasser mes rêves Je veux vivre toutes les joies de la terre You know, the … Continue reading