The end of the market era

It’s a bittersweet day.  The day I gave notice on my humble little abode. The first apartment I rented by myself. On one hand I’m excited about what lies ahead, but on the other hand I’m sad about leaving my little place.  Sure it’s tiny and I would have no problem finding another place to … Continue reading

Leaving it to the stars

The other day I was cleaning up when I found a horoscope from a few months ago that for some reason I decided to save. If certain people are being less than supportive then maybe it’s time you got some new friends.  You don’t have to stick with the same old crowd.  You don’t have … Continue reading

Directionally challenged

When I first started writing this blog I imagined it would be stories about my experience being in Morocco rather than reflection on life and decisions we make.  But I’ve never been one to follow directions.  Nope.  I get lost all the time. And in life, I don’t like to follow the typical life path … Continue reading

Arabia 3D in IMAX

Go see it.  It’s so good.  And makes me so excited to return to this part of the world.  So many exciting things happening over there. It also inspired me to write some blog posts about travelling through the Sahara and nomad life.  Stay tuned lovely followers.

Are we there yet?

I know.  The annoying question every parent dreads.  But really, is it time for me to go back to Morocco yet? I’m trying so hard to live in the moment and enjoy the time I have left in the city, but it’s cold. It gets dark so early. There is nothing fun about November. No … Continue reading

Making a difference

In a recent blog post I talked about success versus failure.  My decision to go overseas is largely fueled by a desire to make a difference in someone’s life.   Overall I’ve been extremely fortunate in my life.  I have an education and a professional career.  I have a great family and I’m surrounded by … Continue reading

Jelebas and “cool hoods”

Tonight I attended the Annual General Meeting of an organization I support and to demonstrate how multicultural the organization truly is, the employees dressed in traditional clothing of their homeland.  It was so beautiful and informative.  One of the women dressed in a jelaba, a long robe worn by both men and women in Morocco. … Continue reading

The need for speed

Last week my 88-year-old Grandma and I were driving down to the beach and surrounded by the beautiful fall colours along the way.  Apparently I was driving a bit too fast (imagine!) because she told me to slow down, it’s not just about the end destination but the path you take to get there. *gasp* … Continue reading

Success vs. failure

A conversation I had this week reminded me of a “The Way I See It” from a Starbuck’s coffee cup that really stuck with me:  “Failure is hard, but success is harder”.  Basically if you are successful at the wrong “thing” (something that is not your passion, what you really want to be doing), you … Continue reading

The sounds of Morocco

One of the best sounds in Morocco takes places five times a day. Adhan. The call to prayer. On one particular afternoon while travelling along the caravan route through the desert we made a stop in Er Rachidia to pick up food from a local market when the call to prayer sounded across the desert.  … Continue reading